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KuKoo Gevogelte Plukmachine en Broeirbad - 60cm - Kippen Plukker - Pluimveeplukker - Kippenplukmachine KuKoo Gevogelte Plukmachine en Broeirbad - 60cm - Kippen Plukker - Pluimveeplukker - Kippenplukmachine

KuKoo Gevogelte Plukmachine en Broeirbad - 60cm - Kippen Plukker - Pluimveeplukker - Kippenplukmachine

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If you’re in the farming industry or an abattoir, this is the ultimate poultry plucker bundle! This awesome bundle comes with KuKoo’s 70L poultry scalder & 60cm poultry plucker.

The poultry scalder can save you so much time and makes the plucking process even easier! By opening the pores, you can pluck birds in seconds and minimise the effort this step takes.

The poultry scalder is ideal for use before plucking, it makes the whole feather removal process quick & efficient. Made from stainless steel this machine scalds chicken, duck, goose or turkey in approximately 30 seconds!

The plucker is a tub style mechanical poultry plucker with a stainless steel barrel which is lined with yellow rubber fingers, which rub against the poultry as the base of the barrel spins around and remove the feathers fast.

Poultry Scalder

Immerse the birds into the scalding machine for approximately 30 seconds (larger birds may need more time than this). While immersed, agitate the bird to ensure the water is reaching the skin under the feathers.

After immersing, pluck one of the bird’s wing feathers by hand to check the scald. If there is no resistance when plucking, the bird is sufficiently scalded and should now be plucked.

Product Features:

  • RRP: £899.99 – Save a MASSIVE £150!
  • Stainless steel poultry scalder, to be used in the removal of feathers from birds
  • 70L tank with heating element at the bottom
  • Suitable for use with chicken, duck, goose or turkey
  • Easy on/off switch and temperature control
  • Can heat to required temperature with ease
  • Comes with an easy to use digital display
  • Maximum Temperature: 100°C
  • Dimensions: 45cm (W) x 35cm (D) x 63cm (H)


  • Power: 3Kw
  • Voltage: 220V – 240V
  • Frequency: 50hz
  • Input Power: 1.8Kw
  • Material: Stainless Steel

Poultry Plucker

The built in water pipe connects to a hose (not included) which provides a water supply to drain away plucked feathers from the barrel and birds when the plucking is done. Using water with electrical appliances can be dangerous so we advise the use of an RCD adaptor with this machine (not included), this will instantly cut off the electricity supply to the chicken plucking machine should there be a broken wire and can prevent short circuits and shocks. We’re always looking out for your safety.

This poultry plucker can hold up to 8 birds; including chicken, goose, turkey and duck. However, this capacity totally depends on the size of the poultry, because different breeds of bird may be smaller or larger than average. This plucker cannot be used with pheasants.

Product Features:

  • Tub style 57cm stainless steel barrel
  • 114 yellow rubber fingers that remove feathers in seconds
  • Holds up to 8 birds at a time; including chicken, goose, duck and turkey
  • 12 month electrical warranty


  • Width: 63cm
  • Depth: 63cm
  • Height: 90cm
  • Barrel diameter: 57cm

Please Note:

Over-scalding the bird may damage the bird’s skin or start cooking. Adjust your timing on repeated immersions to ensure the bird is not over-scalded.

The following times may be used as a guide to ensure you do not over-scald your poultry:

  • Chickens: 1 minute
  • Pheasants: 1 minute
  • Turkey: 1 minute
  • Quail: 1 minute
  • Duck: 1 minute

When scalding, the following temperatures are recommended:

  • Chickens: 143°F (63°C)
  • Quail: 127°F (53°C)
  • Duck: 155°F (68°C)
  • 70L Poultry Scalder & 60cm Plucker
  • RRP: £899.99 – Save a MASSIVE £150!
  • Suitable for chicken, duck, goose or turkey
  • Easy to use



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